Fitness Centre and Workout Session

Olivans Fitness Centre is actively pursuing developmental outcomes for the economy, industry and our people through our skills development initiatives. Being aligned with the National Skills Development Strategy, we work together with industry and professional bodies, supporting our people in a very real way with skills training, career progression and personal development.

The Burn

Olivans Fitness Centre is aware that we operate in a complex environment that also affects the communities in which we operate.

The Dance

We generate value through development & investing in strategic holdings & generating the future growth of our shareholders.

Skills development

We have lined up various training classes and activities that will make you develop your skills in various ways. Come join us now!.

Workout Session

Burn calories, get fit, get healthy, challenge your mind, challenge your body and the most importantly have fun.


Hassle Free, Just-in-time delivery, Safe, Sound, Private & secured system and taking accountability very seriously.

Honesty & Transparency

With honesty and transparency we're able to deliver the services in the health and fitness industry. Come visit our facility today.