Our Gym Centre

Our Gym Facility

From the moment you enter into our facility, you’ll realise that we’ve designed our club experience beautifully around our club members.

Our gym classes is full of an explosive burst like - runing, jumping, stepping, squating, sweating, crunching, speeze, twisting, fat burning aerobic and sculpting of those body joints. This makes you achieve the ultimate strenght and balance at your core fit in no time.

Squating and Twisting

Through rigorous training excercises in squating and twisting you burn lots of calories and sugar contents in your body, this makes you get-fit in no time.

Dancing and stepping

Dancing and stepping classes are available every morning and evening. Through rigorous training in this type of classes, you tend loose much weight fast.

Cycling calories busting

Cycling helps you develops your leg's muscles & tissues, building them and making them fit and strong for other excercises like running and jumping.