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Health & Nutrition

At Olivans Fitness Centre, Health and Nutrition is our priority, you living a lealthy and good life is our business. We supply muscle building products, fat burners, weight gain products, testosterone builders, and sports supplements for high performance health and fitness. Our range includes the world’s best selling products that have been thoroughly tested and researched to ensure they're effective and deliver good result.

Fat burners

Supports Lean Muscle Growth while slimming down

Weight gainers

This Supports Increased Muscle Endurance to gain weight

Energy boosters

Accelerated Muscle Recovery that boasters your energy.

Protein shakes

Protein shakes support you to help combat Muscle Catabolism

Healthy Living & Bars

Energy Boosters Bar

Our energy boosters are hyper-lipolysis, a process of super-efficient and enhanced burning of the subcutaneous fat molecules in the body, with rich superfood ingredients to support vitality.

Juice Bar

We have various juice flavours that are not only filled with nutrition but, the best tasting juice with the highest quality of protein, no soy & no sugar, contains only blended natural favours.

Smoothy Bar

Our superior tasting blend that combines Glutamine, Digestive Enzymes, Prebiotic Fibre to support natural cleansing, and nutritious greens blend to support health and wellbeing.


150 +

General Fitness Exercises

250 +

Fat Burners & Weight Gainers

200 +


550 +

Energy boosters

What are people saying about us?

They provide an efficient, affordable services to their customers with the aim of meeting our requirements, that's why I love them. [...]

Mr John Lawrence Mgt. Lecturer Wizzy

Olivans Fitness Club and Laundry Services has one of the best training facility are fully equiped with mordern health training equipments. [...]

Kojo John Kojo Electronics

I love visiting their massage spa, I used them always, their staff are professional with state-of-the-art treatment. [...]

Jackson Hernandez Helios Fashion Shop

Their dry cleaning and laundry facility are the best in town, they wash very clean and leave your clothes clean like new ones. [...]

Margaret Lizzy CEO-Lizzy Fashion Shop