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At Olivans Fitness Club And Laundry Services, we believe that wellness is ongoing. We offer a state of the art experience that promotes a healthier, happier life because when you live well you feel good and when you feel good, you keep going.

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Fat Burners

Want to reduced your weight?. Are you suffering from obesity?. is your weight too much?. Come register with us now and get a good discount.

Weight Gainers

Want to add more weight?. It’s never been easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle than now. Olivans Fitness Club is the answer.

Energy Boosters

Living in a healthy society has many of us scattering off to the gym and buying supplements. High proteins energy Boosters gives you more energy.

Pre Workout

Getting back into the routine of your workday is no easy task after the Pre Workout training, improve your fitness, health by resgisterring with.

Workout Session

Total body workout with Olivans Fitness Club will give you all you dreamed of from a session. Every person has a certain genetic potential for running.


When it comes to finding happiness, rest-of-mind and contentment in what you love more, Olivans Fitness Club is the best place to be.

Our Core Services

Comprehensive excellent services in Fitness Center and Laundry Services and upper hands among our competitors.

General Fitness

Step to the beat in your own aerobic step class. This fun jam-packed choreographic class is sure to keep you toned.
ur Classes are designed to get you into shape fast. Burn calories, get fit, get healthy, challenge your mind, challenge your body and the most importantly have fun.

Crunch, speeze, twist, burn and sculpt those body joints. Achieve the ultimate strenght and balance at your core fit in no time.

Plyometrics: An explosive burst if a class - run, jump, step, squat and sweat.


Take yourself to the next level with the ultimate barbell weight-training programms. Developed to burn fat and get you into shape fast, our fast burning classes are the perfect place to sculpt and strengthen your entire body. If you want to build lean mass and burn fat with each training?, then come and get your burn on.

Intence Fun. Explosive. Come join us for our high intence, heart pumping, calories busting workout. Punch, kick and fight your way to the end... We will leave you feeling like a champion.

Health & Nutrition

Living in a body-conscious society has many of us scattering off to the gym and buying supplements so that we, too, may don that daring outfit come every morning and eveing, to experience our well-maintained and managed facility.

It’s strange, then, how many folks are overlooking one of the most important – if not the most important – facets of carving a chiseled bod; dieting. You might be saying, ‘I don’t need to lose weight, so why should I diet?’ Don’t think that just because you don’t have a few kilos to drop doesn’t mean sticking to rigorous meal plan doesn’t have a cornucopia of advantages.

Cut down on saturated fats, and increase the good ones

Saturated fats – found in most snacks, fried foods and dairy products – can make losing that final layer of tummy fat a frustrating feat. Plus, they pose a risk to your health and could bring about heart problems, high blood pressure and cholesterol. The upside? You’ll get to moderately indulge in healthy (and even tastier) foods containing mono-unsaturated and poly-unsaturated fats. Think oily fish, avocado, nuts, seeds and olive oil. These foods are not only good for your muscles and skin but even boost your cognitive capability,

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We have one of the best training facility are fully equiped with mordern health training equipments.

I love visiting their massage spa, I used them always, their staff are professional with state-of-the-art treatment.

Kojo John
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They provide an efficient, affordable services to their customers with the aim of meeting our requirements, that's why I love them.

Jackson Hernandez
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Their dry cleaning and laundry facility are the best in town, they wash very clean and leave your clothes clean like new ones.

Margaret Lizzy
CEO-Lizzy Fashion Shop